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Consulting Services

We introduce your products directly to buyers who are identified and selected based upon your objectives, sales history, and our relationships. We provide an economical and proven way for our clients to meet buyers. Our success is based upon your success.


Along with our Client partners, Five B Consultants Broker & Sales support and expands their current efforts and provides results in a fraction of the time and at a low cost. Our Service enables us to devote time and energy to connect you with correct buyers for your products.  Five B Consultants Broker & Sales carefully choose the companies we represent. We are proud of the innovative lines of foods and beverages we have placed for clients in the gaming industry who have entrusted us with growing their business.

Brokerage Services & Benefits

Brokerage Services

Sometimes products that are like your product may already be in the food-service industry. Most likely your product may taste better, higher quality, different ingredients, attractive packaging, or other factors. Providing this information helps guide Five B Consultants to position your products with the right food-service distributors.  

After we analyze your product and then identify the competitors’ products, we will develop comparisons between your product and the competitors that we show and stand out to the buyers and consumers.

Five B Consultants has established relationship with customers and distributors. After we vet and determine the viability of your product in the food-service industry, we will present your product to the approved distributor.

Brokerage Benefits

Five B Consultants allow business owners to focus on other aspects of their business. When choosing to work with Five B is to free up your time. Operating your business is a full-time job and expanding your business can be overwhelming for many manufacturers. Both production and selling are significant factors of running a business and require equal attention. Contracting Five B take care of some sales growth and allow you to focus your time elsewhere.

Five B Consultants can be more cost-effective than hiring a sales team. Although some believe it can be costly to hire a broker, it will save you money in the long run. Whether you are meeting with customers yourself or hiring your own sales representatives, the cost associated with pitching new products can add up. Hiring sales representatives for your brand can come with some high cost as well. Not only will you be taking on new employee salaries, but you will also be responsible for travel expenses for these employees. Depending on the size of the territory, overnight travel may be necessary, resulting in hotel, fuel, and food costs.

The established relationships Five B Consultants have can also help you save time and money. Just like it may be more cost effective to hire us rather than assembling your own sales team, it can be more time effective too. Networking with customers take large amount of time, and it can take years to build the same type of relationship, and the trust Five B Consultants already have.

Five B Consultants can also act as business advisors. We have a close working relationship with customers and distributors and can provide valuable feedback including how the products are moving. Reaction of consumers to new and existing items, current market trends both locally and nationally. Utilizing this information can help you fine-tune aspects of your business that might not be working and expand the elements that are.

Developing The Sales Strategy

After we have a signed agreement, Five B Consultants will create a customized sales plan for your products, including:

Initially targeting specific regions of the U.S. to introduce your products, determining market sector to pursue, determining which distributors will handle the channel first. Working with you on developing a Strategic sales plan.

Strategic Approach
Five B Consultants strategic approach to introducing your products to the Food-service industry includes professional advice for how you will need to:

Brand your product name, design, logo, and other features that define your products from others in the market.

Build a pricing model that factors in such cost as manufacturing, advertising, marketing, distribution, and spoilage. Create a PowerPoint presentation to market, promote, plan, and use social media.

Food-service Customers

  • Casinos

  • HBCU & Other Colleges

  • Restaurants Chains

  • Food-service Management Companies

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